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?To afford the opportunity for information, engagement and resource availability across multiple platforms towards growth?


?Interconnect, engage and share?


INTERCONNECT: to bring together, (link)

ENGAGE: to be part of the process

SHARE: to give to others part of what you have/own


  • BAM Group was founded by three Basotho women, who are also siblings in 2005 with just one company - BAM Consultancy. It was primarily focusing on Financial Management Services, Information Technology Services as well as Advertising and Marketing services. The first organization publication was born within this company .

  • In 2008, BAM Promotions became an additional company to the group, and provided services of promotion of Art for Basotho people both in and outside Lesotho. Eventually there was a need to expand on opportunities in promotions, hence the modified services of BAM Promotions that are being provided now, with art promotion as a fraction of its services and specifically under Mokorotlo Galaxy Entertainment. Today this company covers virtually all aspects of promotion, and is now recognized as one of the most powerful promotion houses in this industry.

  • In 2009, BAM Media was registered officially in order to cater for all publishing services of the group as new products were being introduced. The company has become a hub for a diverse portfolio of publications that are consumed both in Lesotho and South Africa.

  • In 2012, BAM Group Foundation was mobilized in order to address all social responsibility aspects of the group combined.

  • Lebo Network and Twin Talk were born in 2013 with the sole motive of engaging with societies to give them a platform to be empowered with mastery skills.

  • In 2015, BAM Group Foundation was formally registered as an NPO in Lesotho, focusing on women & youth empowerment, entrepreneurs development and community building.


  • Linking societies to media, advertising, information and activities as a means of communication.
  • Creating, publishing and promote all forms of evolving, innovative and experimental media.
  • Facilitating and organizing projects and campaigns related to empowerment.
  • Creating an enabling environment through information sharing and partnerships.

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